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Support Service

The National Health Service (NHS), the biggest employer in Europe and one of the largest in the world, with over 1.3 million staff members, is a great place to work and gain experience. For doctors who are not UK nationals, but wish to practice in the United Kingdom, The Flame Lily provides perfect opportunities to join our growing group of international doctors working in the UK.

Self-directed support and Individual budgets are there to help you control and maximise the choices available to you. The Individual Budget is essentially a sum of money allocated to you by your local authority to spend on things to improve your quality of life. This money could be used towards care provided by agencies such as the Flame Lily For more information please contact your local authority or social worker.

Getting an Individual Budget and using it for Self Directed Support is split into 6 simple steps:

Step 1. Your Money Your Local

Authority will assess your needs and potential risks, and will issue you with a Questionnaire, which asks things about your safety for example and seeks to obtain your view on the level of your care and daily living needs. Once this has been completed, your care manager or Social Worker will be able to advise you on how much money you may be entitled to. This is known as an Indicative Budget, as it is still subject to change.

Step 2. Designing your Support Plan 

The next step is to design your Support Plan. This will say how you intend to spend your money on things that will improve your quality of life and meet your assessed needs. You may want to make the plan on your own or get help. Once your plan is complete, it needs to be checked and agreed with by your Social Worker.

Step 3. Organising Your Money 

Once your plan has been agreed, you need to decide who is going to manage your Individual Budget and pay your care bills. The Flame Lily can assist you with managing the following –

  • A Direct Payment
  • An Individual Service Fund and a Council Managed Fund


Step 4. Putting your plan into action.

There are two parts to organising your support and The Flame Lily are able to assist in both areas:

  • Deciding the kind of support you want and figuring out who you want to provide the support
    Arranging and managing the support
  • You can do this yourself, or you have the option of using the support provided by The Flame Lily a friend or family member to do this for you. These are not the only options available to you, more detail is available on:


Step 5. Living Life 

This is where you are able to look to achieve the desired outcomes and goals as detailed in your Support Plan. The Flame Lily are committed to ensuring that you are able to achieve as many outcomes as possible whilst supporting you to look and plan for the future.

Step 6. Review and Learn 

You will need to show your Local Authority that you have used your Individual Budget properly and in a safe manner. This will be considered in the review process and you can also look to see if it is working for you or look at what changes may be required.