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Revalidation? The Flame Lily is a spot!

It was smooth sailing until April 2016, when NMC gave a head up to the revalidation policy. A policy that wasn’t just an amendment to PREP but something that was built on the requirements of it...


The Flame Lily Academy

The Flame Lily Academy is an initiative that will be spearheading the ‘next big change’ in the health-care and nursing industry. With the motto of ‘There is always something to learn’, the academy is focused on training, educating and preparing the carers for tomorrow. Our doors will be open for those who seek to learn and grow.

Homecare and Live-in Services

At The Flame Lily, we understand the meaning of compassion, care, reliability and kindness. This is reflected deeply in our philosophy of best-in-world class homecare services we cater. Which means that, at The Flame Lily we are constantly in search for the best health-care professionals who will carry the beacon of our ethos to the patients. We believe in hiring talents who lead by example.

If homecare is what you swear by, and kindness, empathy and common-sense your forte; you can apply with The Flame Lily. We will ensure you have a fulfilling career and introduce you to the platform where you can grow.