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Healthcare Assistants 

The Flame Lily understands the impact Healthcare Assistants have on the individual lives of each patient. Hence it is committed to offering you the support you need to deliver in your role and progress with your career. The Flame Lily offers quality placements in a wide variety of areas including the NHS, Private hospitals, and nursing and care homes to ensure you are satisfied with the work you do.

It aims to deliver a recruitment service that is unique to your individual needs. The Flame Lily acknowledges the importance of building strong working relationships and believes that by taking the time to listen to you and your needs, it enables them to find you your perfect recruitment match.

Support Workers 

Support workers provide essential care to vulnerable people who may suffer from, learning and physical difficulties, challenging behaviour and mental health problems. They make a real difference to patients’ lives by enabling them to live a more independent and fulfilling life, and as such The Flame Lily wants to reward its candidates by offering them high-quality placements. The Flame Lily offers a variety of positions available including:

  • Family Support Workers
  • Work in Learning Disability Units
  • Work in Children’s Units
  • Work in Eating disorder Units.

As with all of their candidates, The Flame Lily endeavours to make your recruitment process as efficient and effective as possible by taking sufficient time to understand your individual needs.