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CheckUp Health Doctors Remote Consultation Platform by The Flame Lily Healthcare Ltd.

CheckUp Health is a unique Doctor's Remote Consultation Platform built to meet any patient's needs in a person-centred way. It offers an integrated service from Consultation, Prescription, and Lab Services. This allows clinicians to support and manage healthcare needs in a holistic patient-centred way.

The app also displays PHR and My Health information in one place. By leveraging technology, patients take control of their health records. The MyHealth module allows patients to self-monitor at home. This is important especially for chronic disease patients such as diabetics and hypertensive patients. CheckUp Health improves health and quality of life.

CheckUp Health contributes to NHS cost saving on long-term illnesses. Additionally, it reduces GP waiting times and complications.

Services on the Clinician Dashboard

The CheckUp clinician dashboard includes:


A Site Administration Panel - Allows a healthcare administrator to book appointments for patients (doctor, nurse, etc.), if necessary and export data.


A Doctor Administration Panel - Provides a way to manage repeat prescriptions.


Video Consultation - Allows the clinician to consult a GP over video.


Chat Service - Allows the clinician to chat with a patient.


Return to Work and Occupational Health Processes.


Patient Triaging.



Patient’s App - Currently on Android and Awaiting iOS

  • Allows patients to book same-day private GP appointments.
  • Integrates with off-the-shelf medical devices via BlueTooth. This allows for self-monitoring and reduces complications that arise if patients are not monitored.
  • Patients receive requests to permit healthcare providers to access their self-monitored data. Patients can grant access to the healthcare provider to carry out the necessary monitoring checks.
  • Allows patients to store their health records at one place.
  • Allows patients to chat with clinicians.

Service Structure for Individual Patients

Our Customers

  • CHNs
  • Healthcare organisations
  • GP practices
  • CCGs
  • Community Service Providers
  • Corporate Organisations
  • Individual Patients