Integrated Solution

A Solution to Optimize your Business Equation

Increase Efficiency

  • Cutting down the whole chain
  • Predictive outcome through data analysis and forward planning for future
  • Reduction in error
  • Run reports in real-time with a click of a button
  • Web-based Login for all the sites
  • User-friendly dashboard for each user at every level
  • Cloud-based access from anywhere, anytime 
  • etimesheets and invoice generation
  • Weekly Payroll

Increase Savings*

  • Reduction in overheads
  • Reducing labour cost
  • Manage Pension Options
  • Benchmarking Supplier Cost


  • *The direct engagement model enables all payments to be made to medical professionals to be processed through the system irrespective of the vehicle through which they supply services and their VAT status.

Increase Quality

  • Benefits of Automation of process 
  • Quality compliance check 
  • Key performance Measure Daily 
  • Flagging system in place 
  • Run quality compliance reports in real time across all services 
  • Reduction in administrative work - Electronic process 
  • Detailed management information - reports can be produced to manage and effectively monitor usage and savings made

Increased Compliance*

  • Real time reporting
  • Secured certified logins
  • Simplified Document Management
  • Secured Database Management
  • Additional checking service of PSC company/ compliance information - Enhanced Accuracy
  • Daily/Weekly Payroll - you have option to outsource to payroll bureau  


  • *Our highly flexible system enables any third party to pass requirements or submit and track applications for automated or manual review and management by your team. 
  • *Also suitable for managing internal corporate project recruitment, sole supplier or preferred supplier agreements

VAT treatments for Medical Professionals

  • Recruitment business supply temporary work force to trusts and are charged for the employment margin cost incurred for the search, selection and medical compliance checks of the workers and also the workers time and materials.
  • Unfortunately, NHS trusts are unable to reclaim VAT on recruitment business services so engaging medical professional directly creates a compliant way of reducing that VAT.
  • Our highly flexible system enables any third party to pass requirements or submits and track applications for automated or manual review and management by your team.
  • With direct engagement medical professionals are contracted for service directly, rather than the traditional route of engaging through recruitment business.

Required assurance for off payroll workers influence direct engagement 

  • The NHS trust now has a financial risk associated to the employment status of the payroll workers i.e. agency workers. This risk exists even if the workers are supplied using traditional employment business engagement model but in this instance the trust has no visibility of how the individual is engaged yet still carries all of the risk.
  • By engaging the temporary workers directly, the trust can now understand how each worker is operating and ensure that the appropriate review is conducted to ensure compliance with the treassury directive.
  • *Our system SQL database uses web services to communicate live with the supply chain, ensuring instant updates between your databse and website. The system gives a complete management of rules and rates, terms of business, AWR managed, pensions managed and payroll providers checked.

Direct Engagement over a more traditional solution of agency supply


  • Which means a worker directly is no longer engaged through a recruitment business but they are engaged as an individual or a company who is supplying medical services. Medical services are defined in HM revenue and customers notice 701/57 as being VAT exempt 
  • *Our recruitment software can be extended to allow clients to manage multiple vendor management agreements. This extension provides additional data flow within the database and also portals for 2nd tier agents and vendor contracts to work with the vendors' requirement,

For all our contractors, you can now save on your bills and pay at your convenience.








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