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The Flame Lily brings you a blend of specialist residential care and support services for children, young people and adults


Our Solo Supported Bridge Houses are specifically developed for children and young people with more intense and individual needs who are nearly turning 16 and need to be supported safely .They include but are not limited to those struggling to find regulated placements and hence the Local Authorities (LA’s) turn to our provisions. At The Flame Lily Complex Care,we specialise in such provisions and will support the young persons through the transitioning journey.  

As a CQC registered provider,our services offer excellent support with staffing ratio of 1 staff to 1 young person, and can increase staffing ratio of 2 to 1 young person or more depending on needs assessment.  

As a CPI approved training provider,staff receive both behaviour management and therapeutic training which covers all areas of de-escalation skills and are highly resilient. The services specialise in working with young people who may have had a range of experiences including extremely challenging behaviour, The service provisions specialising in Autism, ADHD, ADD, Conduct Disorder, Dyspraxia, Self-harming, Sexualised Behaviours, CSE, Learning Difficulties, Mental Health Needs, Substance & Drug Abuse, PTSD, PD, Gang affiliation and County lines support.The services are lead by a team of well trained professionals from assessments to placements.  


Short breaks are intended to have positive outcomes for both disabled children and young people and their parents and carers.  Short breaks are a preventative model in supporting families to maintain a good family life.
A short breaks offer should support a family to maintain a good family life that provides opportunities for the child or young person to spend time away from home engaging in fun and exciting activities, being with peer groups whilst supporting independence.  It gives families an opportunity to have a break from their caring responsibilities, to support them to continue to care for their children at home. 

Short breaks provide opportunities for children with disabilities to spend time away from their primary carers.  They consist of day, evening, overnight or weekend breaks and can take place in an individual’s own home, the home of an approved carer, a residential or community setting.Provision of short breaks is based on an assessment of the needs of an individual and their family/carer.


Our Services for young people have a range of specialisms, including supporting young people who are:

  • Young People on the Edge of Care Providing Respite Placements
  • Care leavers
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Young parents
  • Semi independence/Group Supported Living: Service offering a group living communal environment with staff on-site to deliver programs of support.dependant on individual needs, to enable young people to progress towards living in their own accommodation.
  • Supported Lodgings: Service offering accommodation with various levels of support from a live-in Landlady or Landlord.
  • Floating Support with Accommodation: Community based accommodation services with floating resettlement support. sourced within the private rental market and supported by one to one staffing of varying levels, to achieve the aim of the young person moving to independence.
  • Floating Support: Community based services providing floating/resettlement support to enable young people to live semi-independently in their own accommodation.
  • Supported housing services which provide a safe place for young people to live, learn and make the transition to independent adulthood.

Move-on services to help residents find and maintain their own independent accommodation, Floating support or community outreach services where we provide one-to-one or group support to young people in the community (who don't live in our properties) and more. Feel free to contact us to access our services.

supported living


This service provides support to adults and/or young people with complex needs to enable and support them to live independent lives, and participate in universal, targeted and specialist services. These services could include, but are not limited to;

  • Support to access leisure and community activities
  • life skills; social and communication
  • attending appointments and meetings

The care and support that people receive is often continuous, but is tailored to their individual needs. It aims to enable the citizen to be as autonomous and independent as possible.

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