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  • Edbaston Complex Team (Birmingham City Council)

    I have to say, the change in SU is remarkable – he seems so happy in his placement. I can only commend your input as his confidence, quality of life and general outlook seem to be so much better now than when he was in hospital.


    Very professional and considerate team.

  • Jonathan Taiwo

    I am still with Flamelily because I find Pranav to be open, transparent and approachable. . I am still with Flamelily more due to Pranav's reputation. Flamelily are not always consistent with timely payment of wages. Flamelily's rates are slightly lower than that of its NSFT Competitors. This can be revised.


    Working with flamelly adds more to my knowledge and experience to me. I promise to discharge the best for lamely so as for the company to be one of the best in uk Am happy to be one of the Staff.

  • Ms

    I think there’s a professionalism all the time from office. I rejoined Flamelily and Suraj has been my consultant. She’s good, she has listened and help me resolve issues. Unfortunately I don’t know everyone in the office by name. I have dealt with other office staff, all I can say is they’re wonderful.

    Regency Court

    "Shelly was amazing during what was a very difficult day for us at, Regency Court. Our sincere appreciation goes to The Flame Lily for having provided competent and dedicated personnel to us in our critical hour of need."

  • Egnes, RMN (Won £200 in referral)

    Money was helpful. It encourages staff to refer people to Flame Lily!!

    Hazel, RGN (Won £500 in referral)

    I am so happy to earn £500 from referral scheme. I believe this is a good and very easy opportunity to earn money without sweating. I encourage all the staff working for The Flame Lily to refer nurses! I am so excited! It’s going to be one of my 2013 resolutions to refer a nurse because I can see it’s real

  • Regina, RMN (Won £200 in referral)

    I really liked it. It has motivated me to refer more people to Flame Lily. I have referred 3 people already, waiting on them to complete their hours so I can get my money!!

    Tracy, CSW (Won £120 in referral)

    Hi! I just want to give my full thanks to the office (Flame lily) for the reward I just got merely by referring an acquaintance! Thank you for the £120... I'm looking forward to helping others to be part of this good company :-) More power!

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