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  • Egnes, RMN (Won £200 in referral)

    Money was helpful. It encourages staff to refer people to Flame Lily!!

    Hazel, RGN (Won £500 in referral)

    I am so happy to earn £500 from referral scheme. I believe this is a good and very easy opportunity to earn money without sweating. I encourage all the staff working for The Flame Lily to refer nurses! I am so excited! It’s going to be one of my 2013 resolutions to refer a nurse because I can see it’s real

  • Regina, RMN (Won £200 in referral)

    I really liked it. It has motivated me to refer more people to Flame Lily. I have referred 3 people already, waiting on them to complete their hours so I can get my money!!

    Tracy, CSW (Won £120 in referral)

    Hi! I just want to give my full thanks to the office (Flame lily) for the reward I just got merely by referring an acquaintance! Thank you for the £120... I'm looking forward to helping others to be part of this good company :-) More power!

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