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Addicted to being a Platinum star!

Posted on April 05, 2017

The Flame Lily has almost grabbed all the love and support from its clients, and nurses. Being one of the approved contractors to the NHS and with a humungous base of self-reliant healthcare contractors, The Flame Lily assures its fast growth with a direct dependence to the love which is spread. We got established a-decade-and-a-half back, having a firm hold on all our clients, being one of the best nursing and social care recruitment companies in the UK.

The above-mentioned factors are the firm reasons for The Flame Lily to get a Platinum reward in their bag, again at the 2017 Audit.

For the Annual H.T.E. Nursing Audit which was conducted at The Flame Lily this year, no non-compliances were highlighted, awarding a Platinum score of 100%, leaving back no scope of complaints to the organization and its deeds.

 "The agency have consistently achieved 100% compliance score since commencing on the framework. It is clear to see that The Flame Lily invests a lot of time and effort into their compliance function, which is evident by their consistent score" - as per the Neuven Solutions audit report.

The Flame Lily’s services include:

  • Working within the sponsorships of NHS standards
  •  Amenability of staff along with upholding great quality standards
  • Approved framework agencies giving access to wide range of work options
  • Work opportunities all over UK
  • Support for both adults and pediatrics
  • Ad-hoc staffing to cover deficits in existing shifts
  • Backfilling for intervening cover during recruitment periods
  • Assistance in stabilizing staffing in long-term complex care packages

A nurse-led team contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Are we rewarded? In abundance!

When it's about The Flame Lily, our accreditations shout aloud, favoring the high standards and quality. The Flame Lily is governed by the Care Quality Commission, which has never turned their back on them, believing that we are flawless and 'meeting all their standards'. The Flame Lily is now, no jumpier when it comes to their goings-over, assuming and being highly optimistic upon the outcome of our audits.

Being with an accreditation with the REC, UKHCA, and CPI, The Flame Lily has always, and regularly obeyed the codes of practice. Our membership with ample frameworks like Health-Trust Europe, London Procurement, and many more have allowed us to work with every kind of client across the country.
Going Platinum. What it means to our ‘clients’?

  • When it's about quality, we are already Platinum! All we believe in is delivering top-notch solutions to our clients, making sure that we meet our own set standards.
  • The compliance of our staff has everything to do in serving our clients with the best, so we have taken care of climbing the highest ladders when it comes to client satisfaction.
  • Our working methods are certified and in direct links with the NHS standards. Hence, the best!

Going Platinum. What it means to our ‘staff’?

  • The agencies with which we are affiliated are bringing forward their hands, giving our staff an access to get occupied on a wide range of work options.
  • Opportunities to work all around the UK. Now, this is something that every nurse can dream for, who are very much willing to relocate.
  • The Doctors and AHPs have also been the happiest, as they often get chances to get paid highly, boosting their confidence and love towards The Flame Lily. Not only the remuneration, but they also get a flexibility on timings and ample travel allowances.
  • Along with the clients, The Flame Lily also takes care of its staff. If they are happy, we are happy, and so will be the same with our clients as well.
  • Our staff has always believed in pulling their socks. It always means a lot to them when we go Platinum, it's not just about how hard they work, but also a cherry on the top to their success.

About the audit

Quality standing atop...

Spending our past years to invest the tools that would improve our quality and compliance rates, we have never seen back, since. This is the biggest moral support that we have received from our clients, our team, and our “about to be's”. The results have been outstanding of our invested time. Thence is the reason for us to stand being Platinum in every NHS audit conducted by Neuven Solutions.

So, let there be anything, we are always there, being your everything!

Download: The Flame Lily Healthcare Audit Report

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