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Helping England Overcome Type 2 Diabetes

Posted on September 14, 2016

Type 2 diabetes has been spreading across England at an alarming rate over the past few decades. The number of patients practically double up every fifteen years. At the moment, about 2.8 million of the total population have been diagnosed with the condition. Almost 10 percent of the entire budget of the NHS is spent on the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. The disease can also lead to heart diseases and other serious conditions that are even more serious in nature. Therefore the health care system in the country needs to be equipped with professionals who are technically equipped to take care of patients who suffer from it.

Taking care of a diabetes patient involves a multidisciplinary team approach, however, a diabetes specialist nurse (DSN) bears the responsibility not only to take care of a patient but, also to support the families over the course of the treatment. At The Flame Lily, we give a holistic training to our diabetes specialist, that equip them well enough to perform the following roles:

  • Identifying the symptoms at an early stage
  • Prompt referral
  • Disease management, especially in case of emergencies
  • Assessment, routine screening, insulin therapy management and dietary care of patients
  • Collaborative care management with multidisciplinary professionals
  • Help the patients and the families with the difficulties that come along with the disease.

Modern DSNs are also faced with the challenge of developing skills including planning, costing and developing services, writing proposals and further embedding digital health into the care of patients to improve convenience of treatment.

We help our professionals to get equipped with the knowhow of the latest modern technology to help the patients. We train them to help patients develop a self-care system.

A recent statistic showed a huge reduction of DSNs across the country majorly due to retirement. The Flame Lily endeavours to equip its nurses appropriately to deal with the challenges that come with the profession. These challenges include:

  • Dynamic healthcare environment
  • Evidence based healthcare
  • Organisational changes
  • Increasing responsibilities
  • Self-training and personal development

Diabetes is a major issue prevailing in the country and the nursing community has an obligation to help the nation fight it. It is our endeavour to help the country overcome it.

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