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Recruitment for Overseas Doctors

Posted on September 08, 2017

Are you from European Economic Area (EEA) and want to work in the UK? NHS (National Health Services) has opened gates for doctors that hold the nationality of other countries. If you had once planned to practice in the UK and never got the chance to apply for it, a good news has already surfaced the channels that NHS would spend 100 million pounds to recruit doctors from all over the world. Many recruitment agencies may be flooded with vacancies post this commencement.

Europe currently has a dwindling workforce in medical organizations whereas the inflow of patients is more. The shortage of complete care unit in hospitals all over the UK has enforced government to recruit the medical professionals from other economic areas of Europe as well. Moreover, with numerous vacancies in line, doctors from other nations can also apply for jobs in UK hospitals, following the standard procedures already set by NHS.

Earlier, UK’s Department of Health didn’t allow most of the recruitment agencies to recruit doctors from developing countries. But if facts are to be believed, 3000 doctors have already been hired by NHS to tackle the shortage in A&E, radiology and ophthalmology departments. Owing to the urgency of the situation in UK hospitals, NHS may also possibly change the stringent pass score of 7 for IELTS that majorly hampers the recruitment process from overseas.

Another factor for this disgruntled growth of Medical Department is the short term visa issued by the UK authorities, especially to Doctors. Whereas, the US and many other countries generally provide visas for 6 to 10 years that lets doctors opt for working in those countries than shifting to the UK just for 2 years.

With recent major developments in NHS policies, doctors may reconsider the visa duration as well.

Vacancies Available and Criteria for Selection

Doctors can search for A&E Jobs, Anesthetics jobs, Orthopedic, General Surgery, Gynae, General medicine and Radiology Jobs. General Practitioners from other European states may also apply to General Medical Council, fulfilling the criteria and conditions required for qualification to get a job. Doctors from EEA may verify the list of countries for the types of registration, a licensed practitioner can apply for.

If you do not belong to European Economic Areas and are a complete outsider, register with GMC/GMD. Once you are through with the license, the hospital may call you for working with them or else you may have to go through another IELTS exam that is a compulsory assessment for English Language Verification.  The PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) test is another major assessment criteria for foreign applicants to verify their professional skills and knowledge required to apply for practicing medicals in the UK. One must have finished with all these mandatory requirements to become eligible for working in UK hospitals to open the gates for recruitment process via agencies.

The Flame Lily is one such leading medical recruitment agencies of the UK that provide wings to your dreams and has best offering jobs for doctors and nurses. With NHS and various other hospitals in their major contractor list, it has garnered 100 % Platinum score making it the best available option to apply for medical practices in the UK.

You only need to send in your CV at  and once it is approved, a pre-screening may be conducted in your country. Once through, the candidate’s CV will be forwarded to the client and they may call for Video conferencing or face to face interview by their representatives that too in your country. The Flame Lily makes every possible effort for you, leaving no stones unturned.  Start applying now!

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