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Revalidation Support to our Nurses and Midwives

Posted on February 04, 2016

The room erupted with claps and high fives, as we looked upon the smiling faces of our nurses, which just hours back were tense and glum. We could sense the tension building up, ever since the Nursing and Midwifery Council had voted to approve the revalidation process, two weeks back. Worried faces in the corridors, unanswered questions, doubts and misgivings about their future – all these were taking their toll on our nurses. The office had suddenly transformed from a happy and bright place to one that felt like a mortuary. Something needed to be done immediately, and that is when we decided to bring together all nurses registered with us, for a presentation on revalidation and how we, at The Flame Lily will support and help them through this process.

What is revalidation?

Introduced by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, revalidation is a process that is required by all nurses and midwives, to renew their registration every three years. In order to remain on the register, nurses and midwives will need to demonstrate that they meet the standards of the revised NMC code, get confirmation from a third party about their declaration and be able to put forward evidence which shows how they achieved these standards.

Revalidation requirements

The following requirements must be met by nurses and midwives for revalidation:

  • 450 practice hours or 900 hours, if revalidating as both nurse and midwife
  • 35 hours of continuing professional development
  • Five pieces of practice-related feedback
  • Five written reflective accounts
  • Reflective discussion
  • Health and character declaration
  • Professional indemnity arrangement
  • Confirmation

PREP vs. revalidation

Revalidation does not replace PREP completely; rather, it builds on the requirements of PREP. Many of the requirements that you have done under PREP will remain as a part of the revalidation process. The new requirements under revalidation will be:

  • Producing five written reflections on your practice
  • Going through a reflective discussion with a fellow nurse or midwife
  • Ensuring that another professional confirms your meeting all the requirements for revalidation

There are a few changes that will come into force with the revalidation process.

  • Out of the 35 hours of CPD, 20 hours must be participatory learning
  • Health and character declaration will now be made through your online application
  • You will need to inform the NMC about the status and arrangement of your indemnity insurance.

Questions and doubts regarding revalidation

During the course of our presentation and discussion on revalidation with our registered nurses and midwives, we found that there were many questions and doubts about revalidation and the process of getting it done. However, some of these, as listed below, were common to all:

  • What is the process for getting revalidated?
  • What are the benefits of revalidation?
  • Why are reflection and discussions required for revalidation?
  • How does this reflection help us to improve patient care?
  • Why does NMC require practice related feedback for revalidation?
  • How do I collect and use this feedback?
  • Why do I need to maintain a portfolio and how will it be used?
  • What is the role of the confirmer in my revalidation process?
  • What types of CPD activity do I need to undertake to meet the requirements?
  • What should I do about the training sessions required?

The smiles and high fives were proof that we had managed to answer all their questions and lay to rest their doubts regarding the revalidation process. Register with Us to get free revalidation support. Register with us


If you are already registered with us, chat with our consultant. Chat with a consultant


Our support for your revalidation

We are committed to providing support to all our registered nurses and midwives in their revalidation process. In order to achieve this, we are raising awareness, providing guidance and support and helping imbibe a culture that will facilitate the revalidation process for our nurses and midwives. Some of the steps taken in his direction by us are:

  • Ensuring that our nurses and midwives understand the changes from the current requirements and help them in implementing the same.
  • Providing inputs on how they will be impacted by this process and the positive changes to their practice that revalidation would bring.
  • Sensitize them to the changes and requirements under revalidation.
  • Provide free access to our training centers, resources, and equipment for their training requirements.
  • Conduct bi-annual and annual appraisals to identify any gaps in their training.
  • Communicate any changes in the system that will impact them.
  • Help and guide them in building their portfolios.
  • Keep a track of PIN number expiry and provide intimation on their submission dates and requirements


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