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Winter is coming, we want you to be ready and safe.

Posted on October 28, 2020

Key Headlines: 

1. We encourage healthcare workers to download the NHS COVID-19 app to help the fight  against coronavirus 
2. We recommend that healthcare workers use the ‘pause’ contact tracing function on the app  when they are in healthcare buildings including, hospitals and GP surgeries 
3. Healthcare workers can still use some of the app’s functionality whilst the app contact  tracing feature is paused, should they wish, like when checking in to canteens 

Introduction to the app 

Why is the COVID-19 app important? 

Every person who downloads the NHS COVID-19 app will be helping in the fight against coronavirus  (COVID-19). The app will help the NHS understand where and how quickly the virus is spreading, so we can respond quickly and effectively. The app helps the NHS track the virus, not individuals.

How can healthcare workers benefit from the NHS COVID-19 app? What are the key app features?

The NHS COVID-19 app has six key features to help protect everyone against coronavirus (COVID-19). Below you can see six features with an explanation of what they do:


For more information please visit - 
Using contact tracing in healthcare settings 

Should healthcare workers use the NHS COVID-19 app? When should healthcare workers pause contact tracing on the app?

Healthcare workers, like everyone else across England and Wales, are encouraged to use the NHS  COVID-19 app to help reduce the spread of transmission. However, healthcare workers should pause contact tracing on the NHS COVID-19 app while working in healthcare buildings, including hospitals and GP surgeries. In most of these situations, you're already protected, so it is highly unlikely that you would catch the virus.

How do certain healthcare workers pause contact tracing in the app? 
Healthcare workers can pause contact tracing within the app by moving the contact tracing toggle on the home screen. You can see this toggle at the bottom of the app screenshot below:


Do visitors need to pause the app when they are wearing masks in the wards? 
No. Visitors should not pause contact tracing in the app when they are wearing masks in the wards.  The pause function only applies when you: 

• Store your phone in a locker while you're working or are involved in a leisure activity, like swimming 
• Are already protected by a Perspex (or equivalent) screen 
• Are a healthcare worker working in a healthcare building such as a hospital or GP surgery 
• Are a social care worker and are wearing medical-grade PPE such as a surgical mask

What should healthcare workers do if the app tells them they have been near someone who has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If a healthcare worker receives an alert through the app stating that they are considered a contact of a COVID-19 case, they should immediately inform their manager and self-isolate. As the app is anonymised, it will not be apparent whether their contact occurred within or outside the healthcare setting. Contact tracing should be carried out around any individual in the healthcare setting with test-confirmed COVID-19 as per standard protocols.
For more information please visit - 

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